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Collecting From A Debtor Who Declares Bankruptcy

If a debtor has recently filed bankruptcy, you may fear that you will never recover the money that is owed to you. After all, bankruptcy is designed to protect debtors, starting by making it unlawful for creditors to contact the debtors or otherwise seek payment.

This may leave you wondering, “Who protects the rights of creditors?” Our answer at Strong & Hanni, P.C. is, “We do.”

Maximize Your Recovery

Once bankruptcy is filed, there remains steps that a creditor can take to maximize recovery and protect their rights. Having represented creditors in bankruptcy proceedings for more than 35 years, I will consider all of your options and the expenses involved with each to advise you as to the best approach. I offer integrated, custom solutions, because the best solution is the one that works best for you.

Don’t lose hope. Just because a debtor filed bankruptcy does not mean you have run out of options to collect. I represent individuals and business clients in Salt Lake City, the surrounding communities and creditors from all over the country that have bankruptcy issues arising in the bankruptcy court in the state of Utah. Call 801-736-7222.

Ensuring There Is No Bankruptcy Fraud

Not all debts are dischargeable through bankruptcy. You can still pursue debt collection and enforcement after bankruptcy has been filed under certain circumstances. I can help you protect your rights and make sure you don’t become a victim of bankruptcy fraud. There are a number of ways in which I can help you take action, such as:

  • Objections to confirmation
  • Motions for relief from the stay
  • Collateral evaluation issues
  • Motions to assume or reject executory contracts
  • Negotiation of treatment of claims
  • Nondischargeability actions

Protecting Creditors In Bankruptcy

I protect the rights of creditors who are sued in connection with a bankruptcy proceeding. From preference and turnover actions to defending trustee lawsuits, I can protect your rights in court.

As a creditor, you just want the money you are owed. When a debtor files for bankruptcy, you may feel like you have run out of options, but an experienced lawyer can help. Call attorney Mark Swan at 801-736-7222 or email me.