The Legal Help You Need As A Landlord

Utah has very complex and very strict laws that apply to your rights and obligations as a commercial or residential landlord.

At Swan Law Firm in Salt Lake City, I, attorney Mark Swan will help you understand what is at stake and work with you to create a strategy that fits with your business's long-term financial goals. Need to evict a tenant? I can help you avoid common pitfalls and robustly protect your business.

With over three decades of business, accounting and legal experience, I offer straightforward advice, realistic outcomes and attainable goals.

The Experienced Help You Need

Dealing with tenant issues can deplete your business of valuable time and financial resources. An intermediary can often create a favorable amendable agreement that may not have been previously considered.

I can help your business to:

  • Lease commercial property
  • Process legal eviction, including constructive evictions
  • Resolve commercial tenant issues, including abandonment and bankruptcy
  • Refinance Commercial property
  • Create, understand, enforce or modify leases that involve promissory notes or secured or unsecured loans

Can You Evict A Tenant Who Has Filed For Bankruptcy?

The answer varies on the specific situation, including the type of bankruptcy the tenant filed, the status of the filing, whether the tenant is in default and whether the tenant intends to assume of reject the lease. I have handled numerous of these cases and understand their challenges and the best path for resolution.

At Swan Law Firm I Take A Sophisticated Approach.

Your Attorney For Commercial Leasing

Commercial leases best serve your goals when they are professionally drafted. I will work with you to explain all of your rights and obligations. I also review and modify existing commercial leases to ensure your rights are protected.

Help For Out-Of-State Clients

Do you own a commercial property in Utah? For an immediate response to your concerns, whether it be funding issues, transactional work or dealing with tenants, call me, attorney Mark Swan. I regularly assist out-of-state companies with issues in the extended Salt Lake City area.

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From negotiation to litigation, at Swan Law Firm in Salt Lake City, I provide experienced, no-nonsense legal guidance to commercial landlords. Contact me today for more information about how I can assist with your issue.