Protecting Your Rights As A Creditor

Careful planning can go a long way. An experienced business lawyer can help you develop secure transactional documents that will protect your rights if a debtor fails to pay back their debt in full. At the Swan Law Firm in Salt Lake City, I, attorney Mark Swan protect your rights as a creditor. From transactional work to obtaining and enforcing judgments, I am here for you throughout the entire process.

Integrated Solutions For Businesses And Financial Clients

I provide integrated business solutions for creditors. From maximizing the collection of an obligation to enforcing judgments, my clients know that they have a place to turn for their legal concerns. By taking the time to plan carefully with an experienced attorney from the beginning, you can avoid not being repaid. I protect creditor's rights from the start, and, if necessary, I will take an aggressive stance towards obtaining and enforcing judgments. Not sure how to best handle your issue? Call me, Mark Swan at 801-736-7222.

  • Transactional Work: With the drafting of documents and security agreements, I will make sure your transactional work is completed so that you are in the best possible position for successful repayment.
  • Obtaining Judgments: If you are not receiving payments from a debtor, the first step is to obtain a judgment from the court. From demand letters and collection action lawsuits to arranging payment plans, I have a number of different resources we use to help our clients maximize their recovery.
  • Enforcing Judgments: Obtaining a judgment is one thing, but enforcing a judgment takes a whole different set of skills. I use tools like bank garnishments, wage garnishments, personal and real property executions, and judgment liens to get the money you deserve.
  • If you wish to enforce a judgment from outside the state of Utah, I can help. Also known as sister judgments or foreign judgments, I can help you collect a judgment from any state.
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Get Experienced Protection

I represent a variety of clients from individual landlords to collection agencies. What matters most is that you get a full recover of the money you are owed. At the Swan Law Firm in Salt Lake City, I work to protect your rights. Contact me via email today or call 801-736-7222 for more information or to arrange an initial consultation to discuss your issue.