A Seasoned Approach To Banking And Finance

With over 35 years of helping clients with their banking and financial needs, I, attorney Mark S. Swan understand the importance of facilitating successful transactions. By taking the time to prepare thoroughly today, you can protect the interests of your business in the future.

While I can help to protect your business, I also understand how business works. With degrees in business, accounting, and law I know how to bridge the gap between the legal and business worlds. At Swan Law Firm, I assist a variety of clients with their banking and finance law concerns. Some of my clients include:

I am prepared to help individuals and other businesses with their banking or finance concerns For integrated solutions contact me, attorney Mark Swan at Swan Law Firm in Salt Lake City, Utah. Call 801-736-7222 and speak with me directly.

Decades Of Experience With Financial Transactions

I can assist in financial transactions that are important to you and your business. I can help review, negotiated and draft:

  • Commercial Loans
  • Security Agreements

It is important to have an experienced transactional attorney guide you to ensure you understand your rights and remedies. An attorney can help to position your business so that it can collect the maximum amount due.

Assiduous Banking Litigation

Whether you want to take action to collect a debt owed to you or you are facing a lawsuit brought by a borrower I can make sure you rights are protected in court. I provide a variety of banking, finance, and commercial litigation services for our clients.

Get The Experienced Assistance You Need

From negotiation to litigation, at Swan Law Firm in Salt Lake City, I provide my clients with legal services for your banking and finance law concerns. Contact me today for a new client initial consultation. I can hear about your issue and let you know how I can help: 801-736-7222.