Protecting Your Rights As A Creditor

Businesses rely on revenue to survive. If a customer fails to pay money owed, and if phone calls, letters or other entreaties to collect the debt are unsuccessful, the natural next step is to enlist assistance from a creditor's rights and debt collection attorney.

At Swan Law Firm PLLC in Salt Lake City, I protect my clients' rights as creditors. From transactional work, obtaining and enforcing judgments, and representing clients as they face issues related to their customers filing bankruptcy, I work closely with every client throughout the entire process to effectively resolve these matters. I represent clients throughout Utah as well as businesses from other states that need assistance collecting a debt or protecting their rights in bankruptcy matters.

I enforce judgments and maximize collections of obligations. By taking the time to plan carefully with an experienced attorney, you can avoid drawn-out negotiations or efforts that come up empty. Often, a demand letter from me is all that's necessary to generate a response from a debtor. Together, my clients and I can reach an agreement for the debtor to pay in full immediately or reach an agreement on a payment plan.

If litigation is necessary, I am an experienced attorney with a successful track record of preparing strong cases that produced positive outcomes. Not sure how to best handle your issue? Call the Swan Law Firm at 801-736-7222. I handle issues such as:

  • Transactional work: I will draft agreements and other documents that ensure your transaction is completed and you are in the best possible position to receive payment.
  • Obtaining judgments: If you are not receiving payments from a debtor, the first step is to obtain a judgment from the court. From collection action lawsuits to arranging payment plans, I have a number of different resources we use to help our clients maximize their recovery.
  • Enforcing judgments: Obtaining a judgment is one thing, but enforcing a judgment takes a whole different set of skills. I know the right ways to use tools like bank garnishments, wage garnishments, personal and real property executions, and judgment liens to apply maximum pressure to get the money you deserve.
  • Foreign judgments: If you wish to enforce a judgment from outside the state of Utah, I can help. Also known as sister judgments or foreign judgments, I can help you collect a judgment from any state.

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Put Our Experience On Your Side

There is no need to hire a big law firm to represent you in these matters. Generally, I have more experience than attorneys in large law firms and my rates are lower. You also will receive immediate personal attention, with a goal to achieve the best results possible in the minimum amount of time possible with the most efficient methods, legal fees and costs. Contact the firm via email today or call 801-736-7222 for more information or to arrange an initial consultation.