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Creditor Bankruptcy Representation

Protecting Creditors in Bankruptcy Disputes

If someone who has recently filed for bankruptcy owes you money, you want to make sure you recover as much of that debt as you can. Bankruptcy is designed to protect debtors from creditors, which may leave you wondering, "who will protect the rights of creditors?" At the Swan Law Firm in Salt Lake City, we can help you maximize your recovery and take action to protect your rights.

Integrated Solutions for Businesses and Financial Clients
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Just because your debtor filed bankruptcy does not mean you have run out of options. Attorney Mark S. Swan has 30 years of experience helping creditors take action in bankruptcy matters and maximize their recovery. We provide integrated solutions for our clients, so we are already familiar with their situation.

Plaintiff Work

Not all debts are dischargeable through bankruptcy. You can still pursue debt collection and enforcement after bankruptcy has been filed. We can help you protect your rights and make sure you have not been the victim of bankruptcy fraud. There are a number of ways that we can help you take action:

  • Objections to Confirmation
  • Motions for Relief from the Stay
  • Collateral Evaluation Issues
  • Motions to Assume or Reject Executory Contracts
  • Negotiation of Treatment of Claims
  • Nondischargeability actions

Defense Work

We protect the rights of creditors who are sued in connection with a bankruptcy proceeding. From preference and turnover actions to defending trustee lawsuits, we can protect your rights in court.

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As a creditor, you just want the money you are owed. When a debtor files for bankruptcy, you may feel like you have run out of options, but an experienced lawyer can help. At the Swan Law Firm, we protect creditor's rights after a bankruptcy filing. Contact us today to find you how you can take action.

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